The second most important thing after choosing the right make and quality of flooring for your house is hiring the right contractor to get the installations done. This step can translate into a big difference in how your floors finally look – even the most expensive floors can end up looking cheap and shabby if the installation is not done right; and even mid-priced flooring material can be made to look rich if installed well. So choose your tile installer in Mississauga carefully to get the best results. Here is all you must do to make sure you choose the best tile installer for the job.
  1. Check if the contractor is licensed and insured It is very important for the contractor to be licensed and insured. Just in case they are not, you may have to face the blame (and/or the liabilities) in case an accident happens during your project. So ask the contractor directly if they are licensed and have the requisite insurance. If they say no, don’t go any further in your communication with them.
  2. See their portfolio of previous projects By going through how the contractor has fared previously, you can get a fair idea of how good they are at their job. A good tile installer should be able to show pictures of their completed projects that well-demonstrate their adeptness at neat and precise installation. You can go to the contractor’s website or ask them personally for the samples. You can also ask the contractor to show you his work at a recent job site.
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  4. Check for online reviews Check for reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, Houzz, HomeAdvisor, etc. This can be a useful space to find a contractor in Mississauga who is generally appreciated by their customers. You not only get an idea of how good they are at their work but also how courteous and punctual they are – important factors to consider when you have to work in tandem on a project.
  5. Get references of tile installers from your friends and family Whether it’s finding the right tile store or the right contractor to install those tiles, friends and family can be a valuable source of information. In case any of your people have recently had a renovation, definitely ask them which contractor they used and how happy they were with the work. You may have to look no further if you get a positive answer here.
  6. If the price is too good to be true, then think twice Price comparison is great and encouraged – but in case a contractor seems to be offering an unusually low price compared to the average of other contractors, it may point at lack of experience of the professional team. So don’t be fooled by a fascinatingly inexpensive estimate – it could give you poor results and you may eventually have to spend more than you saved, on getting it corrected.
  7. Get the tile store or manufacturer’s recommendation Tile manufacturers or tile shops keep a list of contractors and suppliers they trust. This tends to be a reliable source. After you have chosen your flooring material, you can ask the manufacturer for a recommendation on installation professionals and contractors.
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