Ceramic tiles & porcelain tiles never fail to confuse people. The similarities between these two tiles are huge, but there are differences too, of course. These differences play a decisive role in terms of deciding the right option for yourself. Most homeowners when selecting tiles get confused between ceramic & porcelain tiles when it comes to selecting one. The experts from our backsplash tile shop in Mississauga clear out this confusion in this blog.

The difference between Ceramic tiles & Porcelain tiles

Ceramic Tiles vs Porcelain Tiles - Tile Shop In Mississauga
So how do these confusing tiles differ? Well, now it’s time to get an answer to this question and select the best for your home. Check it out below.
  1. Firstly, porcelain tiles are less porous as compared to ceramic tiles. This makes porcelain tiles ideal for both, indoor and outdoor use.
  2. Ceramic tiles are less dense as compared to porcelain tiles. Hence, these tiles are obviously less weighted as compared to porcelain tiles.
  3. Porcelain tiles come with a smooth texture due to their smooth finishing. With ceramic tiles, you feel a bit rough with texture. However, this difference doesn’t define the quality of any of these tiles by any means.
  4. Porcelain tiles come with a uniform colour pattern over the entire surface, even underneath. Ceramic tiles have a similar colour pattern over every layer.

How do you select the right option for yourself?

So, how do you select any one of these tiles? Honestly, neither of these tile options is good or worse, it all depends on your preferences, likes, and requirements. We list some of the common preferences below to give you an idea of which tile would fit your bill the best.
  1. If you are looking to select tiles for commercial use, porcelain tile can be your best choice. It is because this tile is durable and less subjected to wear & tear.
  2. If cost is your concern, ceramic tile is an ideal choice for you. Ceramic tile is less expensive as compared to porcelain tile; hence it won’t be troubling your budget at all.
  3. If you are a creative head who desires to give the tiles a creative form, ceramic tiles are your definite answer. Ceramic tiles are way more flexible as compared to porcelain tiles.
  4. If you are selecting the tiles for outdoor applications, go with porcelain tiles without a second thought. As mentioned, ceramic tiles are more porous as compared to porcelain tiles. As ceramic tiles are porous, the water absorption with these tiles is high. It doesn’t make them suitable for outdoor use at all.
  5. Additionally, avoid using ceramic tiles if you are looking for tile options for the busy area. These tiles are less durable as compared to porcelain tiles, hence making them less suitable for busy areas.
As mentioned, ceramic & porcelain tiles always make people scratch their heads. However, keeping the above tips in your mind will definitely make things easy for you. Hence, if you are looking to select any one of these tiles, keeping the above tips in your mind would help you to nail your selection absolutely. Rest, if you are still getting confused on selecting any one option, and desire to get more details about the comparison, or if you have selected the right option and looking for a reliable tile supplier, you can count on Myron, the best tile store in Mississauga. Do connect with us, explain to us your requirements and vision, and allow us to guide & supply you with the best. To contact us, call us at 905-608-9047.