Creating an accent wall is one of the most transformative and fun-to-plan home improvement projects. Whether you want to break the monotony of a room or have a base to display your best wares like a sleek TV or beautiful artwork, an accent wall is the answer to it. You can get one in numerous ways. Here are a few ideas to get started.
  1. Wallpaper For every wall there’s the perfect wallpaper. Take your pick from a variety of wallpapers available in the market today. You can go for a floral motif for a light and fun look – or a geometrical one to create a visual impact. Do make sure that the wallpaper for your accent wall is something that stands out.
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  3. Tiles Pick a set of statement tiles to create an accent wall. You can choose solid color tiles in some bright hue – or you could pick beautifully painted ones – or a mix of both to create a mesmerizing potpourri of colors and patterns. At Myron Tile & Stone, we can help you create a fantastic accent wall with our expansive selection of high-quality tiles in porcelain, marble, glass and ceramic. If you seek something artistic, our mosaic tiles will be of particular interest to you.
  4. Textured wall You don’t always need to make an accent wall pop with color – you can achieve the effect with a simple texturing or molding in the same tone as that of the rest of your room. If your sense of aesthetics borders on minimalism, this look will be perfect for your home.
  5. Exposed brick wall An indelible part of many décor styles including rustic, industrial and vintage, an exposed wall is the perfect way to create an accent in your living room or kitchen. Go for it for an offbeat and extremely appealing appearance.
  6. Deep-colored wall For your accent wall, choose the deepest hue of the color that you have painted the rest of the room in – a dramatic green or blue works particularly well. And for a rather unconventional yet brilliant choice, pick black to paint an accent wall in a grey-toned room – you’ll love the result.
  7. Contrasting wall Go bold with an accent wall that contrasts the rest of your space. The only thing you need to keep in mind, though, would be the color tone – if your walls are in a warm tone, make sure the accent color also falls in the same category – and likewise for cool tones and neutral ones.
  8. Gallery wall This again is an amazing way to create an accent wall – choose a wall and deck it up in a beautiful collage of pictures and other artistic objects. Entryways, staircases and kitchens are some of the best areas of the house to create a gallery wall in. Make it a mirror of your memories and personality.
So get going with a splendid accent wall in your house. Turn to Myron Tile & Stone for creating one with tiles. We’ll make sure you get a masterpiece you’d love to flaunt – and with minimal effort from your side! Popular Search Keywords: Tile accent wall Mississauga, tile accent wall for bedroom, tile accent wall for bathroom, tile accent wall dining room, accent wall ideas for small living room