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Should You Buy Large-Format Tiles for Your Home?

Date: 12 Apr, 2019| Posted: Abhi Patel

Tiles greater than 800 X 1200 mm in dimension are typically classified as large-format tiles. They are an excellent means to visually increase the size of a space by creating a floor with minimal ‘seams’. For the smooth and elongated look they offer, large-format tiles are getting extremely popular and people are using them extensively for both contemporary and classical décor styles. If you have been considering them for your home as well, here is a quick analysis of their pros and cons to help you arrive at a decision.

The features that make you want large-format tiles instantly:

1) They make any room look bigger

Fewer breaks in the floor pattern lead to an illusion of spaciousness – so if you have a small room in the house that you would want to make appear more open, use large-pattern tiles to bring out the intended effect.

2) They are easier to maintain than their smaller cousins

Large Format Tiles Large-format tiles naturally have fewer grout lines – and this translates to fewer grout lines to keep clean. As we all know, cleaning these stubborn lines is the hardest among domestic cleaning chores – so minimizing effort in this area would certainly mean a great deal in terms of saving maintenance effort.

3) You can use them on your walls as well

You can use large-format tiles on walls just as easily as you would on floors. And this is a way to make your space look even larger with large-format tiles – use the same tiles on both, the floor and the wall. The smooth transition from floor to wall will create a spectacular illusion of a large, nicely flowing space.

The disadvantages of using large-format tiles:

Now, let’s look at a few challenges that accompany large-format tiles. They’ll hopefully not be big enough to deter you from getting them for your house, but it’s nice to be aware of them just the same.

1) They are slightly harder to install

The larger tile size means these tiles are harder to transport and command more precision in installation. Even a slight error in installation can lead to an uneven floor surface. This is certainly not a project you can take up yourself – you need professionals, and really fine professionals to accomplish the job for you. At Myron Tile & Stone, we have some of the most amazing tile installers in Mississauga, on our team – you can count on them to do a flawless installation for you.

2) You have to ensure the floor is extremely flat and even before installing large-format tiles

This step is crucial to bring out the best look from your precious tiles. While using small tiles, making up for some slight aberrations in the floor base is doable with the aid of adhesive – but this is next to impossible in case of bigger tiles. So make sure your ground is perfectly flat before you start laying the tiles.

So whenever your next renovation is due, or when you start doing the interiors of your new house, do consider these wonderful new tile options to enhance your space. Visit Myron Tile & Stone in Mississauga for an excellent selection in tile types and designs – besides giving you the best products, we also do a commendable job installing them for you.

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