Selecting the tile options for restaurants demand several factors of consideration. You need to ensure that the tile option you decide to go with is safe and comfortable for chefs and other staff. At the same time, it plays a crucial role in terms of inviting people to your restaurant and enjoying their meals. But, what are these factors? Experts from our tile store in Mississauga answers this question in this blog.

5 tips to select the right tiles for restaurant

Checkout the top tips to select the right tiles for your restaurant below.
    Select The Right Tile For Restaurant - Tile Shop Mississauga
  1. Resistance against a slip: Imagine your chef in the pressure of preparing meals within time running with pans here and there and getting slip. It won’t only waste food at your premises, but the chef might get injured. Hence, if your tile isn’t resistant against a slip, you have made the wrong choice. Ensure that you select the option that is resistant to a slip. It would enable a chef and other staff members of your restaurant to do their job safely and of course, efficiently.
  2. Select tile that is resistant to abrasion: The intensity and frequency of your staff walking over a tile make it mandatory for you to select an option that is highly resistant to abrasion. The wear due to heavy foot traffic implies cause the tile to go through wear & tear. The tile resistant to abrasion won’t go through this condition for a prolonged timeframe.
  3. Resistance to chemicals: In almost every restaurant, strong chemical cleaning agents are used to clean off the tiles. Of course, heavy foot traffic, and the responsibility of customer’s hygiene demands the same. However, these chemical agents might damage a tile if it fails to cope up with the chemical reactions of these strong chemicals. The damage could be anything; from roughness to stains. Hence, it is crucial that you select the option that is resistant to these heavy cleaning agents. If it isn’t, your tile’s health might be compromised in the long run.
  4. Tiles must be resistant against stains: Ahh stains, they trouble everywhere! Be it home or restaurant, stains never fail to frustrate a person with their stubborn presence. However, this frustration increases slightly when you are a restaurant owner. After all, your customers won’t enjoy their meals fully if they see any stain at your premises, which would mean degradation in your reputation. So what’s the solution here? Select the tile option that is resistant to stains. Doing this will make the tile cleaning easy for your staff and those stubborn stains won’t be able to acquire your tiles for a prolonged timeframe.
  5. Select the tiles that add to your restaurant’s aesthetics: Experts at our tile shop in Mississauga firmly believe that the way your restaurant looks plays a crucial role in terms of inviting people to dine at your place. If your restaurant isn’t clean and beautiful, the chances of a large number of heads enjoying their meals at your premises are quite rare. And, tile option you go with is an important factor that decides the aesthetic extent of your restaurant.
Before you select one option for yourself, give yourself some time, consider which tile option would complement your walls and your interior design perfectly. Additionally, you can use your own creativity to decide one option that gives your restaurant a charm. The tile option you select must give your customers a sense of refreshment when they enjoy their meals. Don’t hassle the selection process as it might lead you to make wrong decisions. If you desire to make people love your restaurant, you need to be perfect with everything. Several restaurants around prefer not paying much attention to the tiles, which makes the customers feel that the restaurant isn’t quite concerned about hygiene. The result? Their reputation keeps on degrading and customers prefer not having meals over there. Hence, if you are a restaurant owner, make sure that tiles aren’t compromised at your premises. Be picky with the tiles and ensure that you select the best for your restaurant. Investment in good quality initially will definitely yield you higher returns in the long run. Rest, if you are done with the tile selection process, and looking for a reliable tile supplier to supply you with superior quality tiles, you can count on Myron, a well-known tile store in Mississauga. With us, you can stay assured regarding both, quality, and price. Even if you aren’t able to select the best for your restaurant, our experts can guide you with the correct choice. To connect with our team, contact us at 905-608-9047.