Granite provides that natural aesthetics and hence has been one of the most popular countertop materials for a while now. Easy maintenance and durability give you another concrete reason for going with granite countertops. Let’s discuss the granite colours here. What are some of the most popular granite colours that you can consider if you are looking to get the granite countertop installed? Our experts answer this question in this blog further on. Read them out.

What are the most popular granite colours?

Readout some of the most popular granite colours that you can consider if you are looking to get the granite countertop installed below.
    Top Granite Colours - Mississauga Granite Suppliers
  1. Alaska white: Alaska white is one of the most popular granite countertops. It brings that amazing charm and looks alongside it. Alaska white colour comes with numerous design options alongside it, which again gives you a concrete reason to go with this countertop. If you are a fan of those light aesthetics, Alaska white is a perfect choice for you.
  2. Blue pearl: If you love those dark shades, then Blue pearl granite won’t disappoint you. The blue pearl granite brings those unique looks to your kitchen, which gives the viewer a soothing view and pleasant feelings.
  3. Colonial white: Colonial white granite comes with that cookie ice cream look that is definitely quite soothing to the viewer. The tiny granules of Colonial white granite are a cherry on the cake here. Again, if you love light aesthetics, and if you are seeking a simple, yet unique granite design, our Mississauga granite suppliers highly recommend going with Colonial white granite.
  4. Black galaxy: If you are looking for a countertop considering solely the high-traffic aspect in your mind, nothing better than Black galaxy granite to go with. The deep black background actually might not sound that tempting, but simply looks amazing when installed. What more? No matter what your kitchen looks like, but black galaxy countertop goes well with everything.
  5. Almond gold: Almond gold countertop gives that soft metallic look to your countertop. If you desire to make your countertop colour look natural, Almond gold might be your best bet. The almond gold granite has been increasingly popular lately, and with the looks and soothing effects, it comes alongside, the popularity of the same is completely justified.
These are some of the most popular granite colours that are on a roll. Be it a natural look, long-term use, traffic aspect, durability, or anything, you can count on any of the above-listed granite colours to make your countertop look amazing. We have even made it easy by listing the specific situations when you should select a specific granite colour. So, what’s your countertop’s colour? Or are you still having doubts regarding the same? If you desire to get more information about any of the granite countertop colours, or if you are looking for the best granite, you can count on our top-rated Mississauga granite suppliers. Our team of experts ensures that you get the best quality of granite and your vision in terms of looks is catered to with perfection. To connect with our granite experts, call us at 905-608-9047.