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Trends to Watch for When Choosing Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Date: 03 Jan, 2019| Posted: Abhi Patel

Backsplash designs can remarkably change the appearance of your entire kitchen. Gone are the days when backsplashes used to look all the same – you now have a plethora of designs and styles to choose from. Let’s look at the current trends in kitchen backsplash designs.

1) Using Patterned Tiles

While subway tiles have their own charm, you don’t necessarily have to stick to only those for creating a kitchen backsplash. Backsplashes, these days, are built with tiles of all colors, designs, and patterns. You can choose from offbeat patterns like herringbone, Aztec, and chevron. A backsplash lined with striking tiles is sure to become the focal point of your kitchen and give it a chic appearance. You can try keeping the remaining décor of the kitchen more subtle to balance the edginess of the tiles.

Kitchen Backsplash Designs

2) A Color Pop

Using neons and other catchy colors on a kitchen backsplash may have been unimaginable in the past. But not anymore. You can pick just about any color you fancy for a backsplash. Just pay attention to what kind of an overall feel you want your living space to have. If your home has an earthy vibe, olive green or brown backsplash will work well for you; if a lively ambiance is what you are trying to create, a bright yellow or a blue would find an appropriate place in your kitchen.

3) Big Subway Tiles

Subway tiles for kitchen backsplashes is a timeless trend. The current scenario is witnessing a slight variation of it through bigger than usual subway tiles. So now, instead of the good old 3” X6” dimension, you can go for large 4” X8” or 4”X12” tiles. The reason for this change: bigger tiles have more continuity and therefore give an illusion of space. So for smaller kitchens, big subway tiles on the backsplash will be a great idea.

4) Backsplash Extending Up to the Ceiling

Earlier, the norm was for backsplashes to end at the height where the kitchen cabinetry begins. The latest is to take the backsplash up all the way to the ceiling. It makes the kitchen look more open and also gives you an opportunity to truly create an eye-catching accent feature in the kitchen with stunning tiles.

5) Unconventional Materials for Creating Backsplashes

Who says backsplashes can be covered in only tiles? Design experts are experimenting with various rather unusual materials and the novelty is really catching up among homeowners. Metallic backsplashes are receiving a good deal of love – you can get them in copper, stainless steel, and aluminum among others. More hot favorites include glass and wood. Try one of these ‘new’ backsplash design trends – you will love the results!

6) Distressed Finish Backsplashes

If you are a fan of very earthy, rustic or slightly vintage décor, a distressed finish backsplash will be a perfect choice for your kitchen. The weathered out finish can be visually very comforting. So if you already have the essential elements of rustic homeliness in place in your house, a distressed kitchen backsplash is going to complement it all incredibly well.

7) Marble Backsplashes

Marble backsplashes are continuous and have quite a regal appearance. Go for a big, uncut marble slab for your kitchen backsplash for a break from the usual tiles. Also, when matched with the marble on the countertop, a marble backsplash will create a smooth visual line from one surface to the other, all contributing to a cleaner, bigger appearance.

8) Mirrored Backsplash

This one works wonders with natural light. A mirror-finish backsplash reflects light in beautiful ways and adds to the brightness of the kitchen. If you have a kitchen with lots of natural light, you must definitely consider this trend. You can either extend the mirrored backsplash up to the ceiling or break it intermittently with tile or metal accents.

At Myron Tile and Stone, we let you have the best of all of these trends. We help you choose the right kitchen backsplash designs to enhance the appearance of your kitchen and our installation process is impeccable. Call us for an easy and pleasant professional installation of kitchen backsplashes.