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Why Italian tiles are considered the best in the world? Are Italian tiles worth it?

Date: 21 May, 2019| Posted: Abhi Patel

There are plenty of compelling reasons to invest in high-quality Italian tiles even in a time when you can get Chinese replicas of almost everything. If you are contemplating what tiles to choose for a home renovation or for your new home, Italian tiles are certainly your best bet. And here is why they are completely worth it.

1) Italian tiles are a result of some serious research and innovation

Unlike Chinese factories, Italian tile makers go through a long, methodical process of research and development. Each tile you get has a whole lot of technological and design excellence going in it. It is therefore natural that Italian tiles give you a far better return on investment than their Chinese counterparts. You not only get the latest designs but also the finest of materials that lend a visibly rich look to any space they are put in.

2) They do an excellent job at giving the appearance of natural materials

Italian Tiles in MississaugaIf you want the convenience of tiles along with the rich appearance of a natural flooring material like wood or marble, Italian tiles are your ideal alternative. They mimic the look of other materials to unbelievable perfection while being easy to maintain in the long term. Go for premium quality Italian tiles for your floors or walls, and it will be next to impossible for an onlooker to tell if the material in use is not real wood.

3) Italian tiles are extremely resistant to liquids

One of the primary reasons we choose tiles is for their ease of everyday use – so an ideal tile should be able to take a good deal of spills without getting any permanent stains – and that’s exactly the advantage Italian tiles extend. Compared to ceramic tiles, Italian porcelain tiles are less porous and do not allow for much liquid penetration. This is a great advantage especially if you have young children or pets in the house – your tiles will still last you a long time looking like new in spite of the inevitable everyday accidents.

4) Italian tiles are exceptionally long-lasting

In addition to spellbinding aesthetics, Italian tiles are known for their robustness and durability at the same time. The killer combination of looks and strength is impossible to achieve by other tile types. No matter where you put them, they’ll withstand the stress amazingly well. You can use them in high-traffic areas of the house and still expect them to last a really long time without any intermittent maintenance requirements. And just in case there is ever a crack or breakage in these tiles, they are very easy to repair.

5) They are highly fireproof

Italian tiles are one of the most fireproof materials you can choose for your house. In case of any accident, the tiles will help in containing a fire by not letting the flames spread any further. This makes for a powerful reason why Italian tiles are considered the best in the world. And at Myron, you get the best of these tiles with a highly precise installation service that does justice to their goodness.

6) Italian tile makers tend to place a high emphasis on environmental sustainability

In line with the inclination towards employing cutting-edge technology for tile making, Italian manufacturers put in a great deal of research into developing manufacturing processes that minimize the harm done to the environment. If you care about your own carbon footprint and try to use environmentally-sensitive products, you must definitely choose high-quality Italian tiles for your home.

When changing tiles is on your mind, Myron Tile & Stone is your one-stop shop. Get the most terrific designs in Italian tiles and have them installed by the most trusted professionals – you will love the results!

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