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Myron Tile and Stone carries and offers all Schluter products to our clients.

Most Schluter products come with a 15-year warranty if installed correctly according to provided instructions.

Not only are all schluter products are fairly easy to use, they also come alongside a lot of information, instructional videos and other helpful material to make sure all installations of the product are done correctly.

Here are some of the products we always have in stock:

DITRA Underlayment

Ditra is used as a secondary subfloor or underlay when installing tiles. The product is easy to use, and doubles as a waterproofing membrane.

Please find more information about this product here.


Ditra heat is the underlayment that is used for laying the heating cable, also works as the secondary subfloor, and doubles as a waterproofing membrane.

You can purchase the heating underlay, the cable and the desired thermostat according to your needs.

Please find further information on this product here.

KERDI Membrane

Kerdi membrane is used as a waterproofing membrane mainly in showers, or any other place that needs to be waterproofed completely. It’s a very easy to use and an effective membrane will guarantee a satisfying result.

Please find further information on this product here.

Other commonly used Schluter products are

Schluter has many more items that are available. Please use the attached inventory book to look for any other items that you might require. We offer a DISCOUNT ON ALL SCHLUTER items. All items are available within one week, unless it’s a speciality product.