Major types of tiles & their uses

When it comes to tiles, the number of options is immense. Each of these options comes with numerous applications. Hence, you need to be absolutely right with selecting the tiles options. Knowing each of these tile types is crucial to ensure that you make the right selection of tiles in terms of application. So, what are the major types of tiles, and what are their uses? Keep reading to get…

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5 Major mistakes you must avoid when buying tiles

Buying tiles is quite a major thing than presumed. There are certain mistakes that most people make when buying tiles, and these mistakes are quite major. Hence, if you are about to buy tiles, ensure that you absolutely avoid these mistakes. So, what are these mistakes? This blog lists and explains them further on. Read them out. What are the major mistakes you must avoid when buying tiles? Our experts…

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What makes us the perfect tile shop for you?

Are you looking for tiles for your home or office? Do plenty of tile shop options trouble you? If yes, Myron Tile and Stone is here to help you out with everything. Now, what makes us say that? What makes us your best choice when it comes to selecting the right tile store? Well, this blog further on answers your questions. Why us for your tiling needs? So, what makes…

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5 reasons for using mosaic tiles in your home

Thinking of getting the mosaic tiles installed at your home? Well, you must know that it’s a wonderful idea. Mosaic tiles are practical, reliable, and one of the most efficient tiling options for your home. However, numerous homeowners stay baffled when it comes to installing mosaic tiles at home. This is why experts from Myron, a reliable tile shop in Mississauga lists the primary benefits of these tiles for your…

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