Custom Millwork/Cabinets

What We Offer?

    • An array of 150+ cabinet colours, designs and styles to choose from, giving you the freedom to create any look you desire.
    • A variety of options, ranging from high-quality, luxury products to more cost-effective solutions for those on a budget.
    • Our experienced designers take the time to understand your vision, providing you with a unique design that is tailored specifically to you.
    • Customised service that guarantees a precise fit and one-of-a-kind creations.
Custom Millwork Cabinets

Our Process


1. Initial Meeting

We get to know you and your family’s needs before diving deep into the project in the initial meeting.


2. Personalized Options

Once the initial meeting is complete, we’ll send you a few personalized options to choose from, all in your price range.


3. Meet Kitchen Designer

1-hr In-person consultation with our designer to help us understand your vision & receive the best recommendation.


4. Consultation Fee

A $300 design consultation fee applies to the cost of your final construction project.


5. Measurement/Approvals

We perform full site measurements. Upon your approval for the colour pattern and design, we will get started.


6. Cabinet Installation

Custom cabinets and other materials are fabricated as per requirement and then installed once completed.

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