Choosing the bathroom tiles might seem easy, but it turns out to be daunting and confusing when you set out to select them. There are a large number of factors you need to take into consideration before you select the bathroom tiles. As our experts of Myron tile shop say, “Tiles give your bathroom a show. Thus, no hassle and meticulous research is a must to select the best.” The factors we are going to discuss that you need to take into consideration are extremely important. Thus, ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these factors at all. Remember, a slight mistake in choosing the bathroom tiles might snatch away the entire charm from your bathroom.

Top tips to choose the bathroom tiles

Check out the top tips you need to keep in mind before deciding on the bathroom tiles below.
5 tips to choose the bathroom tiles
  1. Always Start with Deciding Tile Style: When you set out to purchase a tile style, you will find numerous options for the same. Thus, the first step to ensure you don’t mess up the selection; start with selecting a style. Deciding the bathroom tile style will clarify things like tile colour you can go with, the pattern, etc. And once you are set with these things from the first day itself, selecting the correct tile for your bathroom will be simple for you.
  2. Narrow Down Tile Size: When it comes to tile size, some people prefer large tiles, while some decide to go with small-sized tiles. Either way, it’s a time-consuming process. Also, the feasibility comes into the picture here. Then, the factor, if the tile size is feasible to your tile pattern is also important.
  3. Don’t Go with more than Three Tile Designs: With tiles, more variations might absorb the charm of the bathroom and make the viewer feel overwhelming. Choosing less than 3 tile designs will give your bathroom a look of simplicity. And simple things are beautiful. No doubt, you can use your creativity to add an element to the three tile designs you decide to go with. Most probably, you will be choosing floor tile, a wall tile, and an accent tile. However, your choice might vary a bit, and that’s completely fine. But whatever you decide to go with, we highly recommend you not going with more than three tile designs.
  4. Never Neglect Tile Colour: Agreed, pattern, and design are the most important factors in choosing a tile. In the lure of choosing the tile design & pattern, most people neglect tile colour which is a major mistake. Imagine if your tile design is up to the mark, but your tile colour doesn’t contrast the same. Will it look good? No. Consider the choice of the kids, old people, and your own, before narrowing down the one that suits everyone. Also, choosing the tile colour means saving your expenses in certain cases. If you neglect the colour factor, chances are there that you end up selecting an expensive tile design when the plain tile design would have worked well. Thus, choosing the tile colour remains one of the most important steps to ensure that the tile you finalize goes well with your bathroom.
  5. Take Aftercare into Consideration: Most people prefer to go with cheap tiles, but the maintenance they demand is very high. Be it cleaning it on the regular basis, or replacement after short intervals, they demand expenses and care. Our tile store in Mississauga highly advises taking maintenance into consideration. How much cleaning the tiles will demand, or what are other aftercare factors, you need to consider the aftercare factor. Neglecting it is like paving way for yourself to select the tiles that might cause frustration and increased expenses for you.
As mentioned, choosing the bathroom tiles will demand your patience, & a bit of your clarity for your vision. Oftentimes, people get confused and end up going with the wrong choice. But the above tips will definitely help you to select the best and ensure that you don’t mess up with tile selection at all. Also, if you have selected the best for your bathroom, or if you are seeking any guidance on the same, connect with our Bathroom Floor tiles experts in Mississauga at 905-608-9047.