Granite is the most in-vogue countertop material today owing to its durability and aesthetic appeal. However, choosing the right granite for your home can be quite an onerous task considering there are an array of styles and more than 200 colors to choose from. Here are some smart and thoughtful tips from our experts at Myron Tile & Stone, a leading tile shop in Mississauga. These well-articulated tips by Mississauga granite supplier will make selecting the best granite for your countertops simple and easy.
  1. Select the Right Match When choosing granite it is essential to keep the colors of the cabinet in mind. There are two ways to go about pairing it –
    1. Match the granite color with the cabinet – You can choose the granite that is of the same color as the color of your cabinet but should have darker veining. So, if you have chosen white cabinets, match it with White Spring granite that comes with veins of grey, black or brown.
    2. Pair the veining and the marbling – Here you can choose granite with a contrasting color, and choose granite stones with veins of colors that match with your cabinets. So, if you have espresso cabinetry you’ll love its match with White Spring granite with brown veins.
  2. Choosing the Granite Pattern Granite is available in three patterns –
    1. Solid – Having little variation in pattern, solid granites look great in smaller kitchens.
    2. Marbled – These make a smooth transition between color and texture.
    3. Speckled – These are a popular option. Speckled granite is available in a great variety and helps to make a subtle statement in your kitchen and enhances the appeal of simple cabinetry.
  3. Selecting Between Light and Dark Granite
    Mississauga granite supplier
    If your kitchen is small or receives less natural light choose light-colors as it will make your kitchen appear larger and brighter. On the other hand, if you want your kitchen to reflect a suave contemporary look go for black or gray color granite. If you find it tough to make a decision, pick beige or brown as it is a safe choice; the colors look appealing with almost all kitchen styles.
  4. Avoid Glittery Tiles if You Want a Robust Countertop If you are a busy mom with growing up playful kids, you would want a countertop that can sustain spills and stains, so it is best to avoid glittery stones. Glittery stones come with Mica flakes blended with glittery golden and copper-colored crystals. Such stones are called Schist stones by Geologists. While being expensive Schist stones are brittle and thus more likely to develop cracks and chips. Glittery slabs may look very attractive but they are more apt for bar tops or offices where there are less likely to face hardships. For ease of management and durability at home, granite fabricators suggest busy moms should avoid glittery stones and go for granite stones.
  5. Understand the Dimensions of Your Countertops Before Making the Selection A granite slab with flowing veins may appear very artistic when you see it in a Mississauga tile shop but this may not be what you may get on your countertops. The slabs are likely to be cut into fitting size and the flow of the veins may get disrupted. So, before you finally make a selection, discuss the size and shape of your countertops with your granite fabricator.
  6. Whether to Opt for Slab or Tile Granite Your Mississauga tile supplier would ask you to decide between solid slab or tile granite. Tiles are a more economical choice. While tile granites will offer you durability, there will be visible grout lines. Solid slabs of granite will have fewer or no grout lines. These are more expensive in terms of material and labor costs.
  7. Understand the Grades of Granite Granite boxes are usually labeled as A, B, C, D, E, and F. You may observe that Grade ‘A’ granite slabs are less expensive and the price goes higher as the grade reaches to ‘F’. It is quite natural to assume that grade ‘A’ granite is of inferior quality while grade ‘F’ granite being the most expensive is of the best quality. However, it is very important to understand that the grades are based on pricing and have no relation with the functional quality of the granite. The grading is for the convenience of the sellers and storekeepers. So, if you like the color and pattern of a lower grade granite, by all means, go ahead with your choice.
  8. Select the Right Granite Fabricator Selecting the right granite fabricator is as important as selecting the best granite for your home. An experienced fabricator will do a great job in cutting and fabricating your chosen granite into your kitchen countertops and do justice to your selection and investment. And likewise, an in-experienced fabricator can mar the beauty of your chosen granite with a shoddy job. Leading tile stores in Mississauga such as Myron Tile & Stone work with leading fabricator companies having expertise in using advanced technology and dexterous workmanship when installing granite slabs in your kitchen.
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