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Tips to choose the Perfect Bathroom Tiles for Your Home

Date: 29 Nov, 2019| Posted: Abhi Patel

If you are planning to give the bathroom a makeover, you can opt to change the floor tiles and you will be amazed at what a difference it can make to the space. Many homeowners find it difficult to select the perfect tiles for their bathrooms and that is why Myron Tile & Stone, a leading tile shop in Mississauga, has a few tips for you to make the selection process easier.

Select the Must-Have Tile

When you visit the Myron Tile & Stone showroom and you find a tile that you cannot live without, select it at once. This will be your starting point and allow you to select the rest of the tiles for the bathroom based on your have-must tile.

Choose Three More Types of TilesBathroom-Floor-Tiles-Mississauga

Based on the must-have tile, it is time to shortlist three other tiles. These will be for the floor, wall, and shower or bath area. You can use accent tiles in the bath area to make them into the focal point of your bathroom.

When shortlisting the other tiles, keep in mind the color and pattern of your must-have tile. Everything should be in harmony and complement each other. Otherwise, you will come away from the best tile store in Mississauga with mismatched tiles that will have the opposite effect of what you envisaged.

Keep the Show Stopper Tile to a Single Type

No doubt when you are redoing the flooring in your bathroom, you will want it to reflect your personality and taste. Often, it is easy to go berserk and end up with too many special tiles that make your bathroom look cluttered and garish.

If you are creating a focal point in the bathroom, whether it is one wall or the shower area, focus on just one area. Do not go overboard with the show stopper tile or else your bathroom will not look great or spectacular. Remember, the size of the focal area depends on you, so it can be big or small. Most homeowners opt for simple tiles and bring out the wow factor by adding beautiful tiles at the top or creating a focal point in the shower area or the wall opposite the vanity.

Do Not Forget the Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to keeping your bathroom looking spectacular after you change the tiles. In case you are not very fond of cleaning, opt for ceramic or porcelain tiles. These tiles are practically maintenance-free. The experts at Myron Tile & Stone will let you know if the tiles need to be sealed. Natural stone tiles require more maintenance and do require sealing to make them impervious to water. These tiles are porous and hence, dirt and grime get embedded in the pores, so you will have to use a bit of elbow grease to clean them regularly.

Thankfully, at Myron Tile & Stone, you can get an array of tiles and you can make your selection based on how much time you can devote to cleaning them. The experts there will guide you to make an informed decision once you let them know your requirements.

You will be able to find the perfect tiles for your bathroom at Myron Tile & Stone. There is a reason why the store is considered the best tile flooring store in Mississauga. And, the value-added services that you get allow you to enjoy a better bang for your money.

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